OneLove4Films Production
Hello! My name is Stephanie Sanchez, Independent Director/Writer. Movies are my passion! I love movies ever since I was little; the first movie I saw was Star Wars, Indiana jones and more when I was growing up.

“Movies are like art, you first start to draw your ideas, sketches, rough sketches, and once you find that drawing that speaks to you, you start to highlight the pencil line with a black marker or black paint, then you add the feature of your idea whether it is a person or a place or it can be an object. After that, you add the colors whether it is dark or light to match that certain person, object, and place. And once you are done, you show your painting to the people and you explain what is the meaning of the painting and why it is related to you or the world. That is what I feel about movies. They are your painting, your ideas that came from your mind. They are special to you because it was made from you.” –Stephanie Sanchez

ONELOVE4FILMS is a small independent business, we make short films, commercials, documentaries, music videos, and we also enjoy working and teaming up with other independent filmmakers and businesses.
ONELOVE4FILMS is founded by Stephanie Sanchez
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